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This is Not a Box!

At our recent whole staff training day we considered how we encourage children to develop their imagination and creativity through the resources and support we provide. I’m sure we all know those tales of children who unwrap their present, discard it and play with the packaging. The book, ‘This is not a box’ by Antoinette Portis, is a graphic illustration of how children use open-ended resources to represent the world around them, creating opportunities for play, exploration, the development of collaborative social skills and language. There is a well-known saying ‘The more the toy does, the less the child does”. Often it is the simple, cheap stuff that offers potential for children’s imaginative play. You don’t need to spend thousands of pounds!

Recently we have been fitting out our brand new nursery in Portswood. A lot of furniture was delivered in very BIG boxes! But these are not boxes – they have been delivered (once emptied) to various nurseries and preschools to become castles, garages, space ships, fire engines, cars……………..

This is not a box