Nativity Plays

It’s that time of the year when the tv channels are full of those cheap programmes reviewing the last year, so as I sit here recovering from my annual bout of Christmas flu, why don’t I do the same? Actually, we published our annual report in September, so I’ll just update you on the last few weeks leading up to the big day (for most of which, I was in bed – ill! – sympathy vote).

This year, we found a great simple nativity play – “Our First Nativity” which was really effective. I attended all 5 lives performances at the various churches and can confirm –

  • incredible audiences! – parents, relatives and friends came out in droves this year, there were over 70 people at some of the venues.
  • some amazing Oscar nominations –
  1. the pregnant Mary with a cushion up her dress, who sat back and stroked her bump – method acting at its best
  2. the wise man who shouted, ‘Mum, Dad, it’s my bit. Are you watching?’
  3. the angel who performed an energetic Michael Jackson inspired solo disco routine
  4. the Joseph who also boogied his way through the show
  • Universal praise for the presentations, the children and the staff.
Great nativities this year. Tea towels, angels, children singing – what’s not to like?

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