Christmas Thought

I just had to include this morning’s email exchange between a kind and thoughtful donor and one of our managers, as my thought for Christmas –

Dear X,

I am sorry I missed you when you dropped into the nursery earlier.  I just wished to thank you for the kind donation of Christmas Books.

The children here love listening to stories with the staff, and we will ensure these books are looked after and cherished by further generations of children who will be able to experience the wonder of Christmas through the beautiful illustrations within them.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Thank you once again.


Dear Manager,

As I explained when I stopped today, over the years, as my children grew up I have collected these copies of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ . We carried on the tradition of me reading our ragged copy to the children on Christmas Eve each year. The last was when my youngest was 35! Our copy is threadbare and I have lost count of the new copies I have given to other families and children. I only ask the child to choose someone they love to read it to them. Knowing children, you won’t be surprised there is no guessing who they choose. Some have even had it repeated by several.

I am now ‘Downsizing’ and must part with my collection. Looking for a new home, I could not have chosen a better place than the meeting place for young people. You are welcome to share copies with other Paint Pots or Parents. I hope you and they too will establish a nursery and or family tradition.

With my best wishes for Paint Pots and Christmas

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