End of Student Placement

A member of staff sneaked out of the room into the manager’s office to tell her that one of the students had just mentioned today was the last day of her placement with us.  ‘Oh no’, said C, ‘I had completely forgotten’.

4 year old P who was in the office “helping”, (she quite often is!) piped up – ‘Well you know what we should do, go out to the local shop for a card and then do that goodbye thing we always do!’

When I arrived, the card was bought and P was busily writing out ‘Thank you for looking after us, with lots of love, Preschool’ into the card. I kid you not!  We do have some very bright children.

The presentation of card and large chocolate bar then followed with the student having no idea what had gone on before hand- Oops, I hope she doesn’t read this!