To Kenya With Love

Last year, all 4 nurseries raised funds for our chosen charity supporting an orphanage and nursery in Kisumu, a slum area in western Kenya.  We managed to donate £500.

This week, an ex work colleague of mine, Chris Wheat (It’s a long story but we used to work together at the TSB), who is the project manager in Kenya, paid us a visit to say thank you, as he was over in UK for a few days.

This is a photo of the climbing frame / play house we have bought for them. It’s fantastic to see so many children using it and getting so much enjoyment from it. It is a spur to us to restart our efforts for the next target. Chris says he will let us know what they need next and we will look at what we can do to buy this for them.

Seeing some of the pictures of the housing and streets around the area makes us very grateful for all that we have in this country.

The Kenyan children have sent us some of their art work. We have been busy putting together a scrap book to send over to them, with some of our drawings, pictures and greetings from England.

It’s another way to show the children about the World around them, to relate to other cultures and to understand that there are other people less fortunate than themselves and what we can do to help them.